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By Velia

 Couples Relationships are The α to Ω Path since they are real life assays in preparation for the ultimate goal, the Twinsouls Relationships, which represent the Total and Absolute Fulfillment regarding Love Relationships. To accomplish the ultimate goal-step for Love, you might have to undergo a few or a lot of rounds of real day to day life couples’ relationships successfully. Relationships feel more complex whenever both partners carry on several lifetimes baggage and deliver it directly into the relationship.

Twinsouls are each other´s Spiritual complement; they are one another´s essence half and represent our best lover and loved one…Twinsouls love is the highest expression of love that not only a human but a very Soul can possible envision and experience. It involves the maximum expression of love at all levels. This love freezes your senses, expands your awareness and overly excites your experience. Twinsouls love transports you and is your direct path, right to heaven!

Your Twinsoul is the only ONE who fills and fulfills your love heart… Twinsouls love experience is unique since every moment is lived as if it was lived for the very first time. The love feeling is overwhelming! Everything is magical…every look, every touch, every word, and every detail…Communication is simple since everything said with or without words is fully understood. Feelings are transparent, nothing is hidden and there is nothing to hide. Your Twinsoul knows it all about you as well as you know it all about them…

Everything is marvelous beyond reason when you are in your Twinsoul´s presence! You feel at home as you never felt before…You wonder yourself, how could you live without them? You can´t conceive living without them! You find yourself discovering everything as new; everything tastes, looks, sounds and feels so wonderful in Twinsouls Company!You rediscover all! It feels as if you are re-discovering a New Universe in which you were ever before!

Candy cotton clouds are all around you and surrounding your Twinsouls love…it is like the most romantic story of your life written for amazing all! …like living a movie…feeling like a protagonist rocket start…taking off to the roof, to the sky and to the very stars!!! Shinning, smiling, bursting and expanding, exciting and inspiring yourself and all!!! Playing like a child with your eternal partner and enjoying everything together submerged in that deepest, profound and most fulfilling love!!! Makes your life not wanting more but you have finally and at last gotten it all!!!  You are on the top of the planet and shine as the brightest star in the sky… and it shows!!!

Your creativity flows like a river of infinite blessings for you and for your Twinsoul and you share it with all! Like a huge ocean flooding all that encounters, Twinsouls love embraces, inspires and heals all that touches! It is eternally welcome! Twinsouls love… transforms it all!!!

You will be Merged with your Twinsoul, your Perfect Match, whether incarnate or not, whether you are on different Dimensions and Realities. This session will assist you bring forth the Energy and the Love of your Twinsoul besides assisting each other’s Spiritual Evolution further.


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