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                                                                                     Quick Pulse Phone Sessions for All Areas of Life!!!

(Developed by Jo Dunning)

By Velia

Turning around things in your Life is helpful when you would like to experience them differently than how they have been unfolding. You might want to change your financial situation to accomplish a better quality life. Perhaps you want to improve your love relationship for a more fulfilling life. How about enjoying a more harmonious and loving family?

Maybe you are tired of the job that you have now and would like a different opportunity. What about your health? Is it optimal for you or could you improve it some more? How about your Spirit evolution? Has it kept evolving or do you have the impression that you have been in the same spot for a while?

The Quick pulse phone sessions will certainly assist you turning things around in your life regardless of what those experiences might be. You can address as many issues as you like during a 30min session, either from the same topic or a totally different one. The Best part is that You do not share what you are addressing during the phone sessions while the energy is already working for you. Phone sessions are available for you at any time from anywhere in the world for the clearing of all that you no longer want to experience in your life. You only need to spare 30min!

These are the following areas of Life which you can address with these Phone sessions:

  • ·         Beliefs
  •           Phobias
  •           Fears
  •           Blocks
  •           Limitations
  •         Wellbeing
  •          Body Image
  •          Weight
  •          Confidence
  •          Relationships
  • ·         Family Relationships
  • ·         Love Relationships
  • ·         Marriage Relationships
  • ·         Finances
  •          Job
  • ·         Business
  •           Sales
  • ·        Career
  • ·        Spirit Evolution

Quick Pulse 30min Phone Sessions (calls included) $55USD

1 Quick Pulse Phone Sessions (callls included) $11USD

3 Quick Pulse Phone Sessions (calls included) $33USD

Quick Pulse Phone Sessions are provided upon previous arrangement

Your First Quick Pulse Session is Free!!!

Register Here:


Quick Pulse Phone Sessions for All  Individuals, including those who are Unable to Consciously Participate or Focus

(Quick Pulse and Surrogate Technique developed by Jo Dunning)

By Velia

Individuals of all age-range might be placed on a situation in which they might need help of some sort and are either unable to focus or to consciously participate on an Energy Session. Quick Pulse Surrogate sessions are specific to help individuals which for being seriously ill, mentally unconscious or unable to focus, can not directly participate on a phone session.

These sessions can take place through a Surrogate which is a person taking the phone session in place of the real client. Energy Sessions work equally well for the client as if the client itself was taking the phone sessions. You can help family members, children, spouses, etc. and all of those loved ones which are in need of help of Energy Sessions and from which you are the responsible party of them.

Conscious consent of the Client or of the Responsible party is required to take these phone sessions.

Sessions are offered for:

  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Business

1-Surrogate Quick Pulse Phone Session $22USD (call included)

30 Min Surrogate Quick Pulse Phone Session $55USD (call included)

Your First Session is Free!!!

Register here: IAMLoveatWork@live.

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