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Hypothalamus, Pineal-Pituitary Alignment-Activation and Phone Calls

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 Group and Individual Activations

Group Activation Wednesday, September the 27th, 9PM CST, $11USD

Individual Activations upon request $65USD

By Velia

We will take advantage of the Universe Energies Support that are available now to further evolve Spiritually by Activating and Aligning Pineal, Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands. This activation will serve to take you to a Higher Level of Spiritual Awareness and therefore to Elevate you further in your Evolution Path.

This activation is for those who would like to apply Spirit gifts to improve further not only spiritually but also personally and in all areas of Life! It will assist you progressing in your Life in addition to serve your Country and the Planet better.

Quick Pulse (developed by Jo Dunning) Phone Sessions are offered for those who need more assistance with changing Emotions, Blocks or Limitations, for Activating and Aligning Pineal, Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands, or for developing  Spiritual Awareness and therefore preventing them to Elevate their Evolution Path further, for their own circumstances

Phone Calls $55USD/hour


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