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Reprogramming your Mind to Reprogramming your Life! Individual/Group Sessions and Phone Calls

Group Sessions 7PM CST: August the 16th, Reprogramming for Wellbeing, August the 19th, Reprogramming for Career/Profession, August the 23rd, Reprogramming for Spiritual Service, August the 26th, Reprogramming for Abundance and Prosperity $11USD/person

 By Velia

Programming Centers contain the software for inherited or acquired information in the form of programs which rule your Mind and therefore your Life as a consequence. You have been raised and lived according to these programs which are expressed in the form of beliefs and patterns of behavior manifesting your Life as you have conceived it according to them.

Whether you have conceived a beautiful and attractive body, the perfect job position for you, that lovely gorgeous house and the most profitable business or all of the opposite, whatever you are getting, conceiving and living is according to those programs. How about that marvelous family or the perfect fit Love relationship? Living a life with struggles or smoothly and happy?

Turning turmoil into blessings and living a life of comfort and abundance. What do you want? and moreover, what are you getting now? What about enjoying a life with a healthy body? If you would like to live your life in abundance and prosperity and not the one of miseries and lacks, you will have to reset and redesign your Programming System in order to re-invent your life and create the Life of Your Dreams!

These sessions are designed to totally Reprogramming your Mind to change your Life Experience. You will be Reprogramming your Mind according to the Divine Blueprint. You will receive the benefit of this Energy work to assist you to Change your Life!

Reprogramming Sessions are offered in two parts, you will receive 30min Quick Pulse (developed by Jo Dunning) Phone Call to remove specific conceptual Programming plus 30min Remote Session to work specifically with resetting Programming Centers and turn on the Divine Blueprint Programming, for each of the following:


  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Body Image
  • Wellbeing
  • Love Relationship
  • Business
  • Finances
  • Career/Profession
  • Family
  • Life
  • Spiritual Service


Individual Sessions 30min Quick Pulse Phone Call plus 30min Remote Re-Programming Session, for any of the above topics, $65USD

Group Sessions: August the 16th, 7PM CST, Reprogramming for Wellbeing Remote Session $11USD/person

Group Sessions: August the 19th, 7PM CST, Reprogramming for Career/Profession Remote Session $11USD/person

Group Sessions: August the 23rd, 7PM CST, Reprogramming for Spiritual Service Remote Session $11USD/person

Group Sessions: August the 26th, 7PM CST, Reprogramming for Abundance and Prosperity Remote Session $11USD/person

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Changing Patterns of Behavior and Personality Patterns for Improving your Life Phone Calls

by Velia

Personality Patterns Special

(Quick Pulse developed by Jo Dunning)

Personality patterns sometimes differentiate one person from another one, although there might be people wearing the same patterns of behavior to look alike or to feel included. Patterns might be either acquired, genetically determined and in most cases, they are determined by both. Some of them are acquired to be in fashion, some others are acquired as a defense mechanism for protection from others, some others emerge for survival issues at work, school and business environments, etc.

Genetically determined patterns are so rooted that have been imprinted as a part of the individual energetic essence and individuality. These have been incorporated into the genetic make up through several lifetimes. Although many of them might be part of your DNA, they all affect your overall personality.

Some personality patterns might support your life experience but some others might not. You might be aware of some that you rather would like to get rid off and acquire some others more supportive of your life path. Quick Pulse (developed by Jo Dunning) Phone Calls sessions are offered to you for releasing those unsupportive personality patterns in order for you to replace them with those more supportive and useful especifically  for you and for every aspect of your life.

  •    Changing Personality Patterns for more fulfilling Family Relationships
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for more fulfilling Love Relationships
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Work improvement
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Business improvement
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Achieving better
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Self Image improvement
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Wellbeing improvement
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Finances improvement
  •    Changing Personality Patterns for Soul Evolution unfoldment
  •    Other, your choice…

 Phone Sessions for addressing all of the above, some or one, $55USD/hour

Regiser here:


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