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Karma Clearing and Complementary Four Lower Bodies Clearance Custom Made Remote Sessions and Phone Calls

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Group Session for Four Lower Bodies Clearing, Monday September the 4th, 9:15PM CST, $11USD

Group and Individual Sessions

by Velia

 These sessions are focused on lifting baggage that you may have been carrying along for several lifetimes. They will assist you to release energy that might be holding you back. Releasing these energies will help you to open further all areas of your life experience, improving them. In addition, you will heal and balance your four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Karma clearing consist of a specific technique and energy work with Multi-dimensional energy: These sessions are assisted and facilitated by Ascended Masters and Light Beings Karma Specialists.

Four Lower Bodies Clearance are complementary provided to further release traumas associated with karmic issues. Karmic events might have impacted and most likely left scars in your energy field affecting any or all your four lower bodies. This in turn affects your wellbeing, performance and relationships. Clearance of your four lower bodies of these traumas will assist you to improve your health and all areas of your life, synergizing with the karma clearing.

Four Lower Bodies clearance consist of a specific method and energy work with Multi-dimensional energy. This process is facilitated by Ascended Masters and Light Beings Specialists.. You will have the opportunity however to do either Karma work or Four  Lower Bodies Clearing only.

Sessions Karma Clearing:

Ancestral Line















Karma Clearing Session: $65USD/individual

Feedback included


Karma Clearing Session + Four Lower Bodies Clearing $80USD


Group Session for Four Lower Bodies Clearing, Monday September the 4th, 9:15PM CST, $11USD

Quick Pulse (developed by Jo Dunning) Phone calls are provided for changing Karma associated patterns and Traumas which might have been carrying.


Quick Pulse Phone Sessions $55USD/Session

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