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Upgrading DNA Special

Upgrading DNA Special


DNA molecules carry the genetic code that builds up your Physical body as it is now and as it will be in the future. It carries the information of all the diseases that you have had or will have in a lifetime. DNA might carry damaged chromosomes or genes, responsible to promoting specific diseases or even behavioral patterns or conditions. DNA also bears the consequences of karmic debts which might have occurred in previous lifetimes, of the so called Akashic records. Therefore, your DNA carries the specific genetic code for your physical body and the specific light code for your spiritual body. Both, physical and spiritual bodies’ functionality is crucial for your optimal wellbeing and evolution.  We are now fortunate to have the energetic technology to correct, modify and improve or upgrade your DNA.

DNA sessions options:

  • ·         Healing DNA
  • ·         Removing Karma from DNA
  • ·         Correcting Genetic diseases genes
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Human Evolution
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Optimal Wellbeing
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Optimal Behavior
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Optimal Business
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Removing Limitations
  • ·         DNA Repair-Regeneration
  • ·         Upgrading DNA for Spiritual Evolution


$150USD/3 hours Sessions on different Sessions


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