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Change your Belief System, Programming, Patterns of Behavior, Habits, Attitudes, and Emotions for Improving Finances, Career, Business, Jobs, Work, Clients, Profession, Service, etc., Custom Made Remote Sessions and Phone Calls

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Your Wealth and Success is associated mainly to two different aspects of your being: Emotional (associated fear, traumas, suffering) and Mental (Belief System, Programming, Patterns of Behavior, Habits, Attitudes). You can heal past unpleasant, unsupportive experiences and change your belief system for whatever you need to change for a more supportive and aligned experience to whatever you want to improve. Your Emotional body can be healed from traumas and suffering, in addition to eliminating associated fears and other emotions that might be preventing you from accomplishing what you want. Miseries and scarcity consciousness will shift as you heal past emotional events and no longer hold unsupportive financial beliefs. By releasing this energy from the past, your finances will improve! The same applies for Business, Clients and Professional work. Moreover, you can totally change your belief system per your specific needs.

Perhaps you need to change the way your Belief systems works around finances. If your current belief system has not support your finances and has not work out all that well. Then, it is time to change it and turn your finances around for a wealthier setting! Your beliefs and emotions affect your Money Flow by either blocking or increasing it.

You might need to get rid of the old belief system or an old pattern which has blocked your wealth and money flow and then acquire a totally New Financial Belief System!

Financial struggles, Work issues, Business failures, Lacks, Career stagnation, Lack of Service flow, etc., can be healed and overcome whether they occurred in the past or are currently ongoing.

Custom Made Remote Sessions are designed to heal your Mental and Emotional Bodies, besides working with your Programming Centers and correcting your Blueprint for your specific needs.

Quick Pulse (developed by Jo Dunning) Phone Sessions are offered to precisely change your belief systems and to heal past emotional events and whatever emotions are required per your experiences and belief system setting, Programming, Patterns of Behavior, Habits, Attitudes, etc.,

30min Remote Session plus 30min Phone Sessions $65USD

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