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About Velia


I have been in touch with my insight and guidance since I was a child at a very young age. I have been advised on how things will turn out along my life experience and have received the explanation as of the need of the lessons to be learned from those facts.


I had an after death experience when I was 19 years old where I saw the Light-Passage for the first time and came back only to have a stronger Spiritual awakening. I was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases (Lupus erythematous, Rheumatoid arthritis and Sjöegren syndrome) six months later.  It was then when I discovered the connection of the Mind-Spirit-Body, several years later I totally healed myself only by using my free will and strong desire for healing. I was not aware of my healing abilities at that time. Later on I decided to explore deeper the Spiritual explanation of my cure and received Metaphysical self training besides Reiki training and other Energy work.


I have been trained by many Light Beings including Ascended Masters and continue my training with them. I am currently a Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grand Master and own a Doctoral degree in science. Thanks to my overall training I am able to accurately diagnose and heal the mental, physical, emotional and karmic origin of illness and imbalances.


My interest is to scientifically demonstrate the Mind-Body-Spirit network in order to improve and facilitate Wellbeing at all levels!


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